Reward your team right away!

Motivate your employees! Pay the salaries and bonuses on a daily basis or immediately after completing the task. By sending money through Billon you will reduce your payroll costs even by 25%, eliminate the problem of unused benefits, and get rid of most of the administrative problems. Your employees will be able to receive their paychecks instantly, which will significantly affect their motivation to work.

Grow your loyal customers’ base!

Billon takes cashback and moneyback services to a new level, providing easy and convenient payouts to multiple recipients. All they have to do is to give you their phone number. You can allow participants of your loyalty programs to choose their bonuses, by replacing unattractive prizes with easy-to-pay and instant cash prizes. Billon reduces the cost of loyalty programs by up to 30%, increases customers’ satisfaction and provides you with useful information about their behavior.

Improve the cooperation with your partners!

Build your business advantage by greater involvement of your external partners (resellers, agents, technical forces), rewarding them instantly for achieving the goals! You can integrate Billon with your company’s internal systems, for example in order to pay out the bonuses automatically after registering a particular event. The system enables an unlimited number of daily payments, you just need your recipients’ phone numbers. With Billon you can instantly reward your partners for completing the tasks, which will significantly increase their engagement.

Even more applications ahead!

Billon gives you unlimited possibilities. It works well when it comes to rewarding consumers, affiliate networks or contests winners. It allows you to send prizes directly to their phone or in the form of one-time codes. You can also replace vouchers with cash withdrawals wherever the bank transfers are impractical or too expensive. You can do so much more!

What makes Billon’s Payout Panel the best solution for your business?

Sending money to multiple recipients automatically, or with just one click

Increasing the effectiveness of motivation programs, loyalty programs and marketing campaigns

Automating troublesome business processes

Reducing the costs of bonuses, rewards and motivation for employees

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