TOPPING UP the Billon app


Choose the method that might suit you: instant transfer, cards, Blik.
Top up online to have money on the app immediately!

Instant transfer

Time – a few seconds

Instant transfer is the most practical way to top up the app. You can use a bank transfer, or choose one of many other methods, and you will get the money right away!

1. Click “Top up” on the app’s main screen. Select the “Instant Transfer” option.
2. Enter your name, email address and the amount of money you want to top up the app with. Click “Next”.
3. You will be taken to the payment operator’s system. Select a payment method and follow the instructions on the screen.
4. After a successful transaction, the money will immediately appear in the app.

Top up your app

Code top up

Time – a few seconds

If you’ve won a Billon code in our contest, or got it from one of our partners, you can immediately exchange it for money!

1. Click “Top up” on the app’s main screen. Select the “Code top up” option.
2. Enter the received code to top up the app.
3. After entering the code, the money will immediately appear in the application.

Bank transfer

Time – 1-2 days

Billon also works with traditional bank transfers. However, this method takes more time than other methods.

1. Click “Top up” on the app’s main screen. Select the “Bank transfer” option.
2. You will receive an account number which you can transfer money to in order to top up the application. Remember to enter your Billon login as well as the recipient’s name and transfer name.
3. After completing the transfer, the money will appear in the app after 1-2 business days.


You can top up Billon with cash in over 13,000 Billbird points located across the country. These are mainly Ruch kiosks, Lotto lottery offices and grocery stores.

For the most part you can transfer funds to your app in real time! You don’t need a bank account to top up the app.

1. Click “Top up” on the app’s main screen. Select the “Top up at a payment point” option.
2. Enter the top up amount. The minimum is 0,01 PLN and maximium is 500 PLN.
3. You will receive a top up bar code. If you use the mobile app, the code will appear on your device’s screen. If you use the application on Windows, you will receive a PDF file that you can upload to your mobile device or print.
4. Come to a Billbird point supporting the “Moje rachunki” service. You can find the list of these points at
5. Show the top up bar code to the seller and pay the cash. The seller scans the code and prints the transaction confirmation.
6. After confirming the top up, the money will appear in the app.

NOTE: In most of the Billbird points the app takes only a few seconds to top up, but in some cases, the money will not be available until the next day. If you do not get a recharge right away, don’t worry—your money is safe and will soon appear in the app.