Forget about the vouchers!
Get real money!

You keep finding unused vouchers and coupons in the bottom of your drawer?
Billon to the rescue!

Spend wherever you want

When you receive money through Billon app, you don’t have to limit yourself to shops that accept cards or vouchers. Instead, you can spend the money shopping in online stores with Billon payments, or simply withdraw them from the app, or add them to your savings.

Your prizes right here, right now

Billon allows transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can collect your prizes and bonuses at any time by using the link you receive via email or SMS. Sending money to your app takes just a few seconds. No more waiting!

Safe money, safe data

The Billon system is based on three independent mechanisms that encrypt each transaction. A simultaneous breach of all three is practically impossible. We do not store any passwords or PIN numbers. Even if your device is stolen, a thief who does not know your password will not get access to your money.

NOTE: Your phone works like a real wallet. If it gets destroyed, you may also lose money stored on it. For even better security, we recommend keeping bigger amounts of money in the Vault.

You can always cash out your money from the app

Cash out points

All Euronet ATMs allow cash out from the app. Just log in to your Billon app and from the Cash Out options choose ATM and follow the instructions you’ll see on the screen. This withdrawal option is available from PLN50.

Find the nearest ATM

Bank transfer

We can transfer your money to any registered polish bank account. Log in to your Billon app and from the Cash Out options choose Bank Transfer. Fill in your personal bank account info and send money directly to your bank account. The transfer usually takes no more than 2 business days.

How to collect payout with Billon app?

Does your employer use Billon Payment Panel? You just need to install the app and register. Follow the instructions provided to you on your employer’s dedicated Billon websites and voilà!

Want us to reach out to your employer to showcase this possibility?

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