Pay with one click.
Zero friction.

Support causes and buy things you like.
Shopping has never been so easy.

Open to anyone

Unbanked persons, teens or individuals without a permanent address – you all can have it. No card or bank account is required.

Super secure

We use the most advanced cryptography and distributed ledger technology to guarantee your money is safe. Even if your device is stolen, no one can access your funds.

Hassle free

Your money on your phone, simply accessible 24/7. Store your funds either on your device or in a secure cloud and pay with just one click.

Start now

1. Download the app

2. Register with your user name and e-mail

3. Top up the application details

4. Pay!

Billon app is currently available for Windows and Android operating systems.
iOS version coming soon!

Top up app

1. Instant transfer

Use the dedicated website to enter the amount and bank details. As soon as the payment is approved money appears in the app!

2. Redeem code

Enter the code you received in the app to get money.

3. Bank transfer

Deposit funds on the account which number is displayed in the app.

4. Cash desk

Deposit money at a physical cash desk and show the code generated by the app.