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Online payments have never been so simple!

For everyone

Anyone can use Billon. You don’t need a bank account nor a credit card. You don’t need to be 18 years of age or have a permanent residence.

The power of convenience

Forgot your wallet? That’s great— you don’t need it anymore! Carry the money in your smartphone or keep them safely in the Vault in our cloud.

You are safe

Your money is encrypted such that only you can access them. Even if you lose your phone, no one else will be able to make transactions on your behalf.

How to deposit money into the Billon system?

Top up the Billon app online, through a bank transfer, a special code or via one of thousands of payment points across the country.

See how you can top up your app

Where can I pay with Billon?

As Billon’s fast payments are becoming more popular, more and more stores use our solution. Consult the current list of stores and try our groundbreaking online payment method!

Safe money, safe data

The Billon system is based on three independent mechanisms that encrypt each transaction. A simultaneous breach of all three is practically impossible. We do not store any passwords or PIN numbers. Even if your device is stolen, a thief who does not know your password will not get access to your money.

NOTE: Your phone works like a real wallet. If it gets destroyed, you may also lose money stored on it. For even better security, we recommend keeping bigger amounts of money in the Vault.

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