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Billon’s eMoney solution allows financial firms to improve termination services and digitize their user experience, reducing operational burden and diminishing friction on cross border transactions and remittance. The eMoney sent or received can be cashed-out on ATMs, transferred to a bank account or simply exchanged for cash at a payment point at minimal cost.


Regulations and operational scale has made extremely expensive for banks to keep account for all their clients, making it particularly hard to profit from smaller companies and individuals in developing markets.
As a consequence, more and more users are opting for digital contenders: they operate faster, and at lower costs. The population of unbanked population is a market of 191 million users, and Billon can help banks to reach them.


Billon developed a solution suite to partner and complement banks offering, allowing them to jump into mobile-first digital banking, enable instant payments, and immensely reducing KYC costs.


  • New revenue streams from merchant services, corporate payouts
  • Support on branch-to-mobile journey
  • Cost saves from mobile accounts with light KYC
  • Retain and increase revenues post PSD2
  • Profitable expansion into the market of underbanked
  • Increased automation at every level

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