Make money by following your passion

Are you a blogger? Do you stream on Twitch? Do you run an online store?
Billon lets your fans and customers to make instant payments. You receive the money immediately and without refunds.

Earn money on your stream!

Billon is the fastest and cheapest way of making donations on Twitch. Simply log in to your channel’s dashboard and add a Billon donation button.

Your fans will be able to transfer money directly to your account with just one click.

Sell products through social media!

Let your customers pay for products directly on social media! Just place a special button link on your profile and turn your ad views into sales!

Make money from your blog!

Turn the traffic on your website into a real source of income! Just place a donation button on your blog or on a chosen post! Many of your fans will be happy to support you – you just have to give them an easy way.

Earn more from online sales!

The costs of other payment systems can slow down your business. Choose Billon and forget about this problem. Thanks to lower operating costs we are able to offer unrivaled terms of cooperation. Billon payments are also simpler and safer than the existing solutions for online sellers. Billon transactions not only happen instantly, but also include micropayments.

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Safe money, safe data

The Billon system is based on three independent mechanisms that encrypt each transaction. A simultaneous breach of all three is practically impossible. We do not store any passwords or PIN numbers. Even if your device is stolen, a thief who does not know your password will not get access to your money.

NOTE: Your phone works like a real wallet. If it gets destroyed you may also lose money stored on it. For even better security we recommend keeping bigger amounts of money in the Vault.

Our technology
Privacy policy

Our technology allows us to handle transactions without a minimum value threshold.

On top of that, the cost of maintaining and securing our system is much lower than the costs of other payment methods. We guarantee that this will never change.

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