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Billon is a brand new way of using money online. It allows you to send and receive money in real time, wherever and whenever you want!

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No more paperwork

You don’t need a bank account nor a credit card to use Billon. Just sign up for the app.

No intermediaries

With Billon you can send money directly to other people. Hand to hand – exactly like cash.

No waiting

Billon is the fastest solution on the market!
The money is transferred to the recipient within seconds.

No minimum amounts

With Billon you can transfer any amount of money. Even one penny! No other technology can offer this solution.

No fixed fees

The cost of operating the Billon system is the lowest on the market! Other technologies are not able to create more favorable conditions.

No risk

Breaching our security system is practically impossible. No one but you can get to your money!

Want to make money online?

Are you a streamer, a blogger or an online seller? Billon makes earning money by following your passion easier than ever! We provide full financial independence and effective tools to kick-start your online career. We guarantee that you will receive money immediately, without intermediaries and without risk.

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Want to pay online?

With Billon you can instantly pay for online purchases, support your favorite streamer, or donate money to a noble cause. Forget about the credit card and time consuming transfers!

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Want to optimize mass payouts?

Billon is the easiest and fastest way to send money to multiple recipients at once. Transfer money directly to their smartphones or send them a one-time codes for a single use. Transfer money to hundreds of people automatically, or with just one click.

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